Skin Care by Rochel is conveniently located in Greenpoint, NY which borders the hip Williamsburg Brooklyn neighborhood. Parts of Williamsburg are walking distance to the spa, while others are a short bike ride or car ride. There is a bike parking station right outside our spa for those biking. We are proud to offer our facials and chemical peels to our clients from the Williamsburg neighborhood. We are close for booking a facial or chemical peel whether you reside in Williamsburg - Northside, Williamsburg - Southside, East Williamsburg or West Williamsburg. We are proud to have very satisfied customers from all over Brooklyn, and particularly from Williamsburg because of the convenience and superior service at an affordable price. Our philosophy is to diagnose the whole person so that we can offer the best advice in order to help with implementing a daily skin care routine that can benefit not just your skin but your overall health. Your skin is the largest organ or your body so it deserves careful attention. Our facials are thorough and relaxing. We analyze your skin type and offer advice for taking good care of your skin on a daily basis. We do not push or sell products, we only suggest products that may help your skin. There is no magical recipe for better skin it takes daily care and commitment which include diet, exercise, cleansing, regular facials or chemical peels. Chemical peels can be very beneficial and can show immediate results. Customer are very happy with the results of chemical peels. Even after one chemical peel major improvements can be seen. Chemical peels peel away old dry skin to reveal vibrant, new, clearer skin. It also can remove old scars or blemishes. Although one peel can have great results, it is advised to do at least three consecutive chemical peels for optimal results. Click to see a full list or our chemical peels or facials near Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY. To book your facial , chemical peel or one of our other services click below.

Facial and Chemical Peel services for the Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY neighborhood.