As the owner, Rochel has tried many treatments for skin improvement and she has found that chemical peels have always had amazing results. For optimal results it requires that you get a set of 3-4 chemical peels done about a month and half apart. You can see results in most cases after just one chemical peel but it is advised to do about 3 for the best results. It requires a minimum down time so some planning is needed before making your appointment so that you can schedule your chemical peel when you are able to stay mostly indoors for about a day. The results are worth this minimum down town. You will be very satisfied with your results. Some chemical peels are stronger then others so you should consults with Rochel on which chemical peel is best suited for you. Depending on your skin type one chemical peel may be better for you then another. See our list of chemical peels here. Rochel is very knowledgeable is all aspects of chemical peel treatments since she has done them on herself and has applied them to countless of people. She is very sensitive towards any needs or concerns you might have regarding chemical peels. She makes sure know everything about the treatment and provides before and after care in writing so you know what you need to do and leaves the guesswork out. Chemical peels is a very efficient and non invasive way of removing old scars and blemishes on your skin and peels away old layers and reveals new and healthier looking skin layers. You can come in to our Brooklyn office for a chemical peel consultation before making your decision if you want to discuss more of what you might need. Rochel is willing to help and believes that the client should be knowledgeable in the treatments they receive as this helps facilitate the best results. At Skin Care by Rochel we want to make sure you get the best results because we know that good skin makes a happier you. Be confident in your skin!

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Chemical peels have great results.